Life Skills Curriculum For Special Educators

Are you a special education teacher looking for a new and innovative program? Are you tired of worksheets, role playing, pink play money and pegboards?


What We Offer

Our program enables special education teachers to create a school-based business in which their students practice real life transitional, financial, vocational, and social skills. The school-based business is a student-designed and operated coffee shop for teachers and students.

Cafe Program

Our Serving Up Success Program comes with curriculum as well as instructions on how to set up the cafe & a mini-economy.

Vocational Skills

Restocking | Greeting Customers | Making Eye Contact | Operating a Cash Register | Interview Skills |
Conversational Skills | Delivering Coffee | Following Written and Verbal Multi-step Directions | Counting Money & Making Change | Following a Recipe | Dressing for Work

Four Core Values

Time Management, Responsibility, Initiative and a “Can Do” Attitude

We decided to give students a chance to learn by doing, by developing a real business with real customers that existed within the safe environment of our school. We saw our students thrive when given the opportunity to problem solve daily and gain confidence by having real work experiences.

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Happy Customers

I always like a business minded person, plus it helps the kids in your classroom learn to have a servant’s heart while learning a little business. Great job and great idea!

Dr. Sandra Shelnutt

Special Education Teacher

I’m happy to report our business is moving along at a steady pace. Our Bulldog Brew Café is open daily from 7:30-9:00 am and we have a group of regular customers, both staff and students. Community Coffee has been a wonderful asset. James Gunja was able to supply us with a cappuccino machine which is truly how we make a profit. The French vanilla cappuccino is, by far, our best seller. Alex is a wonderful delivery person and we can always count on him to get us what we need. Our foods class has, occasionally, made banana bread for us to sell as well.

Myra Welch

Rockdale County High School

Kelly Bramblett and Stephanie Barber have created a curriculum that has proven to have an amazing benefit for these students as well as the whole staff. Their students are getting real world experiences using math skills, social skills, vocational skills and basic life skills.

Kelli Jones

School Psychologist

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