Morning Meetings and Hot Topics

One of the best ways we have found to begin the day in the coffee shop is to have an employee meeting. Each day before the first delivery order goes out, everyone stops what they are doing and participates in the morning meeting. During this meeting, we review the daily job assignments, the menu and the inventory. Next, we discuss what I like to call the “hot topic” of the day. Sometimes the hot topic is a character trait such as “initiative.” However, sometimes the hot topic is just an everyday phrase or word that we all hear in everyday life. We take about 10 minutes to discuss what the word means and how it might relate to our everyday life. Give these a try:

  1. Hidden fees
  2. PIN numbers
  3. Minimum wage
  4. Rainy day fund
  5. Coupons
  6. Pay period
  7. Expiration Dates
  8. Net pay
  9. Misdemeanor
  10. Sales Tax

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