Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your break and while you have a chance…. we thought you may want to check out some of our favorite websites! Enjoy!

Wonderopolis shares a “wonder of the day.” The article will come straight to your inbox daily and includes a list of key vocabulary terms. The next website is tweentribune. A great website for current events and amazingly has the same article on different lexile levels! You can differentiate the reading level! Next, check out natural readers. This website is a great text to speech website. Cut and paste anything into the window and listen to it. And how about auto draw by google! It’s predictive drawing.  Check out explore.org… it is fun way to check in on animals around the world. Finally, who uses classroom screen? Have all your class tools displayed in one place… class noise level indicator, timer, etc.

Hope you enjoy checking these out!







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Kelly and Stephanie

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