Serving Up Success Curriculum


The Serving Up Success program enables special education teachers to create a school-based business in which their students practice real life transitional, financial, vocational, and social skills. The school-based business is a student-designed and operated coffee shop for teachers and students. The first model of the program is the Mountain Top Café at Kennesaw Mountain High School.



The curriculum includes:

  • A step-by-step timeline with instructions on how to get your coffee shop open for business
  • Utility site requirements
  • Sample menus and how to set prices
  • Tips on logo design
  • Grading system including a paycheck reward system
  • Sample proposals and letters to parents, soliciting donations, etc.
  • Job descriptions, application and job interview activities
  • Banking activities, IEP objectives and contacts for setting up fundraising, coffee service and grant money.
  • Price includes added $15 for shipping costs


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