Holding our students to high standards… This is what we’ve been “preaching” for 10 years.

We really didn’t need research to show that showing “grit” (perseverance, the ability to keep going, sticking with something despite making mistakes, etc) is a key predictor to success. High IQ is not necessarily the predictor for success. Angela Duckworth has written a book about her research that shows this very idea. (Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance)

Anyway…. Like I said before… I didn’t need years of research to prove this. We have been attempting to teach our students “grit” since we created Serving Up Success. When students say something like. “Can I sit down?” “I’m tired” “I don’t feel like doing this job today.” We say “sorry… but this is the real world” In the “real world” I don’t get to say things like “I don’t feel like going to work today.”

Student: “Do I have to wear an apron?” “Do I have to clock in?”

Teacher: “Yes…. There aren’t choices on job procedures in the real world”

On occasion, I’ve been known to say things like “you’re fired” after a serious mistake. Is the student really “fired”? Of course not, thankfully, our school coffee shop still provides a safety net, safe environment to begin to learn “grit.”

Not only do we give verbal feedback… we keep data… we have employee reviews in which we share grading sheets… students know we are keeping track of their job performance.

Anyway… google the Ted Talk about grit with Angela Duckworth and you can hear her research in a short video. It was no shocker to me….. this is why we created Serving Up Success.