It’s NOT just a coffee shop…. What about those transition plans?

Yes, our curriculum helps you set up an on-campus coffee shop…. But our curriculum is more than that!

Our curriculum gives you data/grade forms to hold students accountable. Our curriculum walks you through setting up a mini-economy to teach students the principals of earning money, paying bills and spending money. Job applications matter, job interviews matter, character traits matter when applying and looking for a job.

Besides the benefit of teaching soft skills…. What about those IEP transition plans? After the age of 14, our students must have transition goals in their IEP. What better way to document and work on transition goals than implementing Serving Up Success?



Sample Transition goals:

  1. Will improve communication skills (initiating conversations with co-workers and customers, participating in a mock job interview)
  2. Will improve time management skills (clock in daily, clean up in the allotted amount of time, starting tasks without prompts)
  3. Will demonstrate positive work habits (hygiene, time management, managing materials)
  4. Will increase functional math skills (counting money, making change)
  5. Will increase functional writing skills ( filling out a job application)